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Re-Layout Subordinates

Starting with 17.1, the DiagramControl supports automatic layout. You and your end-users can apply a selected layout algorithm to the subordinates of the selected shapes.

When the layout is applied to subordinates, their parent shapes maintain the initial position.

ReLayout Subordinates Illustration

The Ribbon‘s Re-Layout Subordinates menu item allows end-users to apply a layout to the subordinates of the selected diagram items.



The layout is applied to all shapes on the canvas except the root shape if no shape is selected.

Use the following methods and commands to re-layout the subordinates of the specified diagram shapes in code.

Layout type Method Command
Tree DiagramControl.ApplyTreeLayoutForSubordinates DiagramCommands.TreeLayoutForSubordinates
Tip-Over Tree DiagramControl.ApplyTipOverTreeLayoutForSubordinates DiagramCommands.TipOverTreeLayoutForSubordinates
Mind Map DiagramControl.ApplyMindMapTreeLayoutForSubordinates DiagramCommands.MindMapTreeLayoutForSubordinates
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