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TcxSchedulerWebServiceStorage Class

A persistence manager that stores online calendar and event data and synchronizes the calendar and event state with connected online accounts.


TcxSchedulerWebServiceStorage = class(


This class implements the online event data store mode in the ExpressScheduler Suite. Assign a TcxSchedulerWebServiceStorage component to the Scheduler control’s Storage property to display, manage, and synchronize events in a calendar stored in an online account.

The TcxSchedulerWebServiceStorage class provides the following members that allow you to:

  • Identify if the persistence manager is connected to an online calendar (IsActive);

  • Access individual web service resources (calendars) and their settings (Resources);

  • Obtain the number of resources, their display names, and identifiers (ResourceCount, ResourceNames, and ResourceIDs);

  • Obtain a list of events from a specific calendar (GetEvents);

  • Delete all events from all connected calendars whose active permissions allow event modifications (Clear);

  • Respond to errors occurring in a web service event data provider (OnProviderError).

The Scheduler control’s Storage property references a TcxSchedulerWebServiceStorage class instance as a TcxCustomSchedulerStorage object.

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