TimeScaleFixedInterval Properties

Serves as a base for the classes for which TimeScaleFixedInterval.Value is a fixed time interval.
Name Description
DisplayFormat Gets or sets the format of the string displayed in the timeline caption. Inherited from TimeScale.
DisplayName Gets or sets the text which identifies an element. Inherited from UserInterfaceObject.
Enabled Gets or sets if the time scale is enabled for the View. Inherited from TimeScale.
Id Gets the unique identifier of the user interface object instance. Inherited from UserInterfaceObject.
MenuCaption Gets or sets the element's menu caption. Inherited from UserInterfaceObject.
SerializationTypeName Gets the string containing the time scale type name. Inherited from TimeScale.
Value Gets or sets the value of the scale unit - a fixed time interval.
Visible Gets or sets whether the time scale is visible. Inherited from TimeScale.
Width Gets or sets the width of the time scale element. Inherited from TimeScale.
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