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DataCacheNode Fields

The Node element that is used to connect to a cached data store‘s Root or Node element.
Name Description
GlobalTotalMemoryPurgeThreshold static For internal use.
LogCategory static The name of a category used to tag data cache operations in XPO logs. The default category name is “DataCache”. Inherited from DataCacheBase.
MaxCacheLatency Specifies the time period (also known as latency) between regular contacts that the current Node makes to its parent element for up-to-date table update information. The default value is 30 seconds.
MinCachedRequestsAfterPurge Specifies the minimum number of query results to retain within the current Node’s cache during its automatic purge. The default value is 16.
TotalMemoryNotPurgeThreshold For internal use.
TotalMemoryPurgeThreshold For internal use.
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