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ScheduledJobDto Members

A data transfer object (DTO) that provides detailed information about a scheduled job.


Name Description
ScheduledJobDto() Initializes a new instance of the ScheduledJobDto class with the default settings.


Name Description
EmailBlankReport Specifies whether or not to send blank reports by email, should they be created based on their underlying data.
EmailRecipientKind Specifies whether recipients should receive individual emails, or a common email with all recipients listed in the “To” section.
EmailReportFormat Specifies how reports should be delivered by email.
Enabled Specifies whether or not the task is allowed to run automatically. Inherited from ScheduledJobCatalogItemDto.
ExportToSharedFolder Specifies the path to a local or remote folder where the created reports should be stored.
ExternalSubscribers Specifies the comma-separated list of email subscribers to the task that are not registered users of the Report Server.
Id Identifies the task. Inherited from ScheduledJobCatalogItemDto.
InternalSubscribers Specifies the registered Report Server users subscribed to the task.
Name Specifies the task name. Inherited from ScheduledJobCatalogItemDto.
OptimisticLock Identifies the scheduled job version used for optimistic locking.
ReportId Identifies the report generated by the task. Inherited from ScheduledJobCatalogItemDto.
RetentionPeriod Specifies for how many days to store created documents on the server.
SchedulerParameters Specifies the collection of report parameters whose values should be supplied by the scheduled task.
SerializedRecurrenceInfo Specifies the serialized recurrence options of the task.
StartDate Specifies the date and time at which the task should start running. Inherited from ScheduledJobCatalogItemDto.
TaskMode Specifies whether the task should generate a report or billing statement. Inherited from ScheduledJobCatalogItemDto.


Name Description
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