ReportServerClient.GetScheduledJobLogsAsync(Int32, DataPagination, Object) Method

Asynchronously returns the logs corresponding to a specified scheduled job.

Namespace: DevExpress.ReportServer.ServiceModel.Client

Assembly: DevExpress.Printing.v20.1.Core.dll


public Task<IEnumerable<ScheduledJobLogDto>> GetScheduledJobLogsAsync(
    int scheduledJobId,
    DataPagination pagination,
    object asyncState
Public Function GetScheduledJobLogsAsync(
    scheduledJobId As Integer,
    pagination As DataPagination,
    asyncState As Object
) As Task(Of IEnumerable(Of ScheduledJobLogDto))


Name Type Description
scheduledJobId Int32

An integer value, identifying the scheduled job.

pagination DataPagination

A DataPagination descendant, specifying how the data should be paginated.

asyncState Object

A Object value, containing information about the asynchronous operation.


Type Description

An asynchronous operation result, containing a collection of ScheduledJobLogDto objects.

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