DocumentManagerServiceExtensions.GetDocumentsByParentViewModel(IDocumentManagerService, Object) Method

Static extension method that returns a collection of documents whose Parent View Model (ISupportParentViewModel) is equal to the specified View Model.

Namespace: DevExpress.Mvvm

Assembly: DevExpress.Mvvm.v20.2.dll


public static IEnumerable<IDocument> GetDocumentsByParentViewModel(
    this IDocumentManagerService service,
    object parentViewModel
Public Shared Function GetDocumentsByParentViewModel(
    service As IDocumentManagerService,
    parentViewModel As Object
) As IEnumerable(Of IDocument)


Name Type Description
service IDocumentManagerService

A System.Type value specifying the type of the service.

parentViewModel Object

An object that is passed to the view model of the created view via the ISupportParentViewModel.ParentViewModel property.


Type Description

A collection of objects implementing the IDocument interface.

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