DocumentManagerServiceExtensions.CreateDocumentIfNotExistsAndShow(IDocumentManagerService, ref IDocument, String, Object, Object, Object) Method

Static extension method that creates and displays a new document if a document with the specified parameters does not exist. Otherwise, the document with the specified parameters will be shown.

Namespace: DevExpress.Mvvm

Assembly: DevExpress.Mvvm.v20.2.dll


public static void CreateDocumentIfNotExistsAndShow(
    this IDocumentManagerService service,
    ref IDocument documentStorage,
    string documentType,
    object parameter,
    object parentViewModel,
    object title
Public Shared Sub CreateDocumentIfNotExistsAndShow(
    service As IDocumentManagerService,
    ByRef documentStorage As IDocument,
    documentType As String,
    parameter As Object,
    parentViewModel As Object,
    title As Object


Name Type Description
service IDocumentManagerService

The type the static extension method operates with.

documentStorage IDocument

An object implementing the IDocument interface that represents the document storage.

documentType String

A System.String value that specifies the type of the view to be created by the IDocumentManagerService.

parameter Object

A parameter passed to the view model via the ISupportParameter.Parameter property.

parentViewModel Object

An object that is passed to the view model of the created view via the ISupportParentViewModel.ParentViewModel property.

title Object

A System.String value specifying the document title.

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