IXlRow.BulkCells(IEnumerable, XlCellFormatting) Method

Creates cells with the specified values and format characteristics.

Namespace: DevExpress.Export.Xl

Assembly: DevExpress.Printing.v21.1.Core.dll


void BulkCells(
    IEnumerable values,
    XlCellFormatting formatting


Name Type Description
values IEnumerable

An object exposing the System.Collections.IEnumerable interface that provides values for cells to be created.

If the values parameter is null, a System.ArgumentNullException exception occurs.

formatting XlCellFormatting

An XlCellFormatting object that specifies formatting settings be applied to the created cells. If null, no special formatting is applied.


The example below demonstrates how to use the IXlRow.BulkCells method to quickly generate multiple non-empty cells in a row that share the same formatting settings. This method can be useful if you wish, for example, to create the header row for your table. To generate a bunch of empty cells and apply the same format to them in a single step, use the IXlRow.BlankCells method.

For more information on how to create and format cells in a worksheet, see the Cells and Formatting example sections.

string[] columnLabels = new string[] { "State", "Sales", "Profit", "Market Share" };

// Create a worksheet. 
using (IXlSheet sheet = document.CreateSheet())
    // Specify formatting settings for the header row.
    XlCellFormatting headerRowFormatting = new XlCellFormatting();
    headerRowFormatting.Font = new XlFont();
    headerRowFormatting.Font.Name = "Century Gothic";
    headerRowFormatting.Font.SchemeStyle = XlFontSchemeStyles.None;
    headerRowFormatting.Font.Color = XlColor.FromTheme(XlThemeColor.Light1, 0.0);
    headerRowFormatting.Fill = XlFill.SolidFill(XlColor.FromTheme(XlThemeColor.Accent1, 0.0));

    // Create the header row.
    using (IXlRow row = sheet.CreateRow())
        // Set the row height.
        row.HeightInPixels = 25;
        // Create the required cells in the header row:  
        // assign values of the "columnLabels" array to these cells and apply specific formatting settings to them.
        row.BulkCells(columnLabels, headerRowFormatting);
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