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ICustomAggregateBrowsable Methods

Allows you to define a description of a custom aggregate function that appears in the Expression Editor, and validate the number of arguments and their type.
Name Description
CreateEvaluationContext() An object that stores the result’s intermediate state between the Process(Object, Object[]) method calls. Inherited from ICustomAggregate.
GetResult(Object) Gets a custom aggregate function‘s result. Inherited from ICustomAggregate.
IsValidOperandCount(Int32) Determines whether the specified number of operands is acceptable.
IsValidOperandType(Int32, Int32, Type) Determines whether a function accepts an argument (operand) of the specified type.
Process(Object, Object[]) Is called to process every element of a collection supplied to a custom aggregate function. Inherited from ICustomAggregate.
ResultType(Type[]) When implememnted by a custom aggregate function, determines its return value type based on the type of aggregate function parameters. Inherited from ICustomAggregate.
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