BootstrapRangeSelectorScale.Type Property

Specifies the type of the scale.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.Bootstrap

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.Bootstrap.v20.1.dll


public RangeSelectorScaleType Type { get; set; }
Public Property Type As RangeSelectorScaleType

Property Value

Type Default Description


An RangeSelectorScaleType enumeration value specifying the type of the scale.


  • The Discrete type is set when string values are specified in the data source. The discrete scales are divided by the values (called categories) that are specified in the data source. The category’s order can be specified by the BootstrapRangeSelectorScale.Categories property if the order used in the data source is not appropriate.
  • The Continuous type is set when numeric or date-time values are specified in the data source. The continuous scale is divided automatically.
  • The Logarithmic type can be set when numeric values are specified in the data source. The logarithmic axis is useful when you visualize a dataset of rapidly-growing values. Each axis tick represents a particular value that is raised to the next power in turn. This particular value is specified by the BootstrapRangeSelectorScale.LogarithmBase property.
  • The Semidiscrete scale type provides the discrete representation of continuous data. This scale type requires the BootstrapRangeSelectorScale.MinRange property to be set.

When the Type property is set to Auto, the scale type is automatically determined based on the associated data type.

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