BootstrapPolarChartSeries Properties

Stores settings of the Polar Chart control's series.
Name Description
ArgumentField Gets or sets the name of a data field providing arguments for series points. Inherited from BootstrapChartCommonSeriesBase.
Closed Specifies whether to close the chart by joining the end point with the first point.
Collection Gets the collection to which an item belongs. Inherited from CollectionItem.
Color Specifies the series color. Inherited from BootstrapChartCommonSeriesBase.
CssClass Gets or sets the name of a CSS class applied to the series element. Inherited from BootstrapChartCommonSeriesBase.
HoverMode Specifies series elements to be highlighted when a user points to a series. Inherited from BootstrapCoordinateSystemChartSeries.
IgnoreEmptyPoints Specifies whether a chart ignores null data points or not. Inherited from BootstrapCoordinateSystemChartSeries.
Index Gets or sets the item's index within the collection. Inherited from CollectionItem.
Label Provides access to point label settings. Inherited from BootstrapChartCommonSeriesBase.
LegendMarkerCssClass Gets or sets the name of a CSS class applied to a legend marker element. Inherited from BootstrapCoordinateSystemChartSeries.
MaxLabelCount Specifies a limit for the number of point labels. Inherited from BootstrapChartCommonSeriesBase.
MinBarSize Specifies the minimal length of a displayed bar in pixels.
Name Specifies the name that identifies the series. Inherited from BootstrapChartCommonSeriesBase.
Owner Initializes a new instance of the BootstrapChartCommonSeriesBase class with the specified owner. Inherited from BootstrapChartCommonSeriesBase.
Point An object defining configuration options for points in line and area series.
SelectionMode Inherited from BootstrapCoordinateSystemChartSeries.
ShowInLegend Gets ore sets a value that specifies whether or not to show the series in the chart's legend. Inherited from BootstrapCoordinateSystemChartSeries.
Stack Specifies the name of the stack where the values of the StackedBar series must be located.
TagField Specifies which data source field provides auxiliary data for series points. Inherited from BootstrapChartCommonSeriesBase.
Type Sets a series type.
ValueErrorBar Configures error bars for numeric axes.
ValueField Specifies the data source field that provides values for series points. Inherited from BootstrapPolarChartSeriesBase.
Visible Gets or sets a value specifying the visibility of the current chart series. Inherited from BootstrapCoordinateSystemChartSeries.
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