BootstrapListEditItem Properties

Represents an individual list item.
Name Description
Badge Gets settings of a badge displayed within the list item.
Collection Gets the collection to which an item belongs. Inherited from CollectionItem.
IconCssClass Gets or sets the CSS class of the icon displayed within the list item.
ImageUrl This member is not in effect for this class. It is overridden only for the purpose of preventing it from appearing in Microsoft Visual Studio designer tools.
Index Gets or sets the item's index within the collection. Inherited from CollectionItem.
Selected Gets or sets whether a list box item is selected. Inherited from ListEditItem.
Text Gets or sets the list item's text. Inherited from ListEditItem.
TextCssClass Gets or sets the name of a CSS class applied to the item's text.
Value Gets or sets the item's associated value. Inherited from ListEditItem.
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