BootstrapCardViewToolbar Properties

A base class for the Card View’s toolbar.
Name Description
Collection Gets the collection to which an item belongs. Inherited from CollectionItem.
CssClass Gets or sets the name of a CSS class applied to the toolbar element.
Enabled Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the toolbar is enabled, allowing the toolbar to respond to end-user interactions. Inherited from GridToolbar.
Index Gets or sets the item’s index within the collection. Inherited from CollectionItem.
ItemAlign This member is not in effect for this class. It is overridden only for the purpose of preventing it from appearing in Microsoft Visual Studio designer tools.
Items Gets the collection of items within the toolbar and provides indexed access to them.
Name Gets or sets the toolbar’s unique identifier name. Inherited from GridToolbar.
Position Gets or sets the toolbar position. Inherited from GridToolbar.
ShowInsidePanel Specifies whether or not the Card View’s toolbar is shown within the Panel element.
Visible Gets or sets a value specifying the visibility of the toolbar. Inherited from GridToolbar.
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