BootstrapAccordion.SelectedItem Property

Gets or sets the selected item within the BootstrapAccordion control.

Namespace: DevExpress.Web.Bootstrap

Assembly: DevExpress.Web.Bootstrap.v20.2.dll


public BootstrapAccordionItem SelectedItem { get; set; }
Public Property SelectedItem As BootstrapAccordionItem

Property Value

Type Description

A BootstrapAccordionItem object representing the selected item.


If the BootstrapAccordion's ASPxNavBar.AllowSelectItem property is set to true, end users are allowed to select items via mouse clicks. The BootstrapAccordion also provides the capability to select items via code. You can use the SelectedItem property for this purpose.

Note that only one item can be selected within a BootstrapAccordion control at the same time.

If none of the items is selected within a BootstrapAccordion control or selecting is prohibited, the SelectedItem property returns null (Nothing in Visual Basic).

In order to select a specific item within a particular group, use the item's NavBarItem.Selected property instead. The required item can be obtained via its group's BootstrapAccordionGroup.Items collection.

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