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ASPxClientVerticalGrid.SetFixedRowsTopOffset(offset) Method

Sets the offset from the container’s top border to fixed rows while scrolling the page.


    offset: number
): void


Name Type Description
offset number

The top offset.


When a user scrolls the grid, the grid fixes rows when the first row’s top edge reaches the top edge of the page. Use the SetFixedRowsTopOffset method to set the top offset from the page’s top edge to fixed rows when scrolling. In general, this property value equals the columns header width.

In our demo, the browser inner window is a container where the grid is located. The image below illustrates its top border.

VerticalGrid - SetFixedRowsTopOffset Method

<dx:ASPxVerticalGrid runat="server" ID="VerticalGrid" >
        <dx:VerticalGridImageRow FieldName="PhotoUrl" Fixed="True" />
        <dx:VerticalGridDataRow FieldName="Brand" Fixed="True" />
        <dx:VerticalGridDataRow FieldName="Model" Fixed="True" />
    <ClientSideEvents Init="onVerticalGridInit" />
function onVerticalGridInit(s, e) {
    var headerPanel = document.querySelector(".header-panel");

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