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ASPxClientSplitterPane.SetContentUrl(url) Method

Sets the URL to point to a web page that should be loaded into, and displayed within the current pane, but should not be cached by a client browser.


    url: string,
    preventBrowserCaching?: boolean
): void


Name Type Description
url string

A string value specifying the URL to a web page displayed within the pane.

preventBrowserCaching boolean

true to prevent the browser to cache the loaded content; false to allow browser caching.



It’s necessary to set the SplitterPane.ContentUrl server-side property (for example, to a dummy value such as “javascript:false”, or “javascript:’ ‘“, or “javascript:void(0)”) to enable the use of the client SetContentUrl method. Otherwise, if the SplitterPane.ContentUrl property is not set, the corresponding IFRAME element is not rendered within a pane, and a call to the SetContentUrl method has no effect.

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