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ASPxClientSplitter.GetPane(index) Method

Returns the splitter’s root pane specified by its index within the ASPxSplitter.Panes collection.


    index: number
): ASPxClientSplitterPane


Name Type Description
index number

The index of the root pane to be retrieved.


Type Description

An ASPxClientSplitterPane object representing the root pane located at the specified index within the splitter’s ASPxSplitter.Panes collection.


A splitter control’s client-side functionality enables you to programmatically access and manipulate the root panes on the client side. Use the GetPane method to get a client-side pane object at the specified index at the root splitter level. The splitter panes of the root level are maintained by the splitter’s ASPxSplitter.Panes collection. This method can be used together with the ASPxClientSplitter.GetPaneCount method when iterating through the list of the root panes.

Note that the index parameter is zero-based and its highest available value is specified by the ASPxClientSplitter.GetPaneCount value decremented by one. If you pass an invalid index via the parameter, the method returns null.

In order to access splitter panes further down the control tree, you can use the ASPxClientSplitterPane.GetPane method of a subsequent pane.

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