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ASPxClientRatingControl.SetReadOnly(value) Method

Specifies whether the control’s status is read-only.


    value: boolean
): void


Name Type Description
value boolean

true to make the control read-only; otherwise, false.


Use the SetReadOnly method to dynamically change a control’s read-only status on the client. The initial status of a control can be defined using its serverASPxRatingControl.ReadOnly property. To obtain the current control’s status on the client, use the ASPxClientRatingControl.GetReadOnly method.


This part of the Voting demo illustrates how to use the ASPxRatingControl.

Here, the ASPxRatingControl‘s read only status is enabled and disabled by using the ASPxClientRatingControl.SetReadOnly method within the ASPxRatingControl‘s ASPxClientRatingControl.ItemClick and ASPxCallback‘s ASPxClientCallback.CallbackComplete client events.

The ASPxRatingControl.ClientInstanceName property value is used to access the ASPxRatingControl on the client side.

protected void cbVoting_Callback(object source, CallbackEventArgs e) {
    CurrentUserRatingValue = (int)ratingControl.Value;
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