Rating Control

The ASPxRatingControl brings an intuitive rating experience that allows users to rate any web site content by selecting the number of control items (represented by stars, by default).


Following is the list of ASPxRatingControl features:

  • Customizable control’s appearance and layout. Custom border settings or theming with predefined themes allows you to create an interesting look for the control. It’s also available to change the number of stars (items) within the control.
  • Customizable titles for each control item. Titles represent textual descriptions which are invoked by hovering the item.
  • The ability to use a specific image with a custom size to define a custom look for the control’s items for normal, hot-tracked and pressed states - either as a uniform image for all items, or an individual image for each item.
  • The ability to customize item fill, if the control’s value is a fractional value.
  • The control can be used not only for rating, but also for display in read-only mode.