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Rating Control

ASPxRatingControl allows users to select a number of items (the default item is a star) to rate web site content.


ASPxRatingControl has the following features:

  • Customizable control appearance and layout. For example, you can customize border settings or apply a predefined theme to the control. You can also change the number of stars (items) displayed within the control.
  • Customizable titles for each rating control item. A title is a tooltip invoked when a user hovers the mouse pointer over an item.
  • Customizable appearance of the control’s items for normal, hot-tracked, and pressed states - either as a uniform image for all items, or an individual image for each item.
  • Partial item fill when the control has a fractional value.
  • The control can be used not only for rating, but also for display in read-only mode.