Ticks are scale marks that indicate trackbar values in a predefined range from ASPxTrackBar.MinValue to ASPxTrackBar.MaxValue. There are large ticks and small ticks. Large ticks are displayed through customizable intervals, and their values are indicated using scale labels. Small ticks fill spaces between large ticks based on a specified frequency.


The table below lists the main members that affect element appearance and functionality.

Characteristics Members
Large Tick ASPxTrackBar.LargeTickInterval,ASPxTrackBar.LargeTickStyle,ASPxTrackBar.LargeTickEndValue,ASPxTrackBar.LargeTickStartValue
Small Tick ASPxTrackBar.SmallTickFrequency,ASPxTrackBar.SmallTickStyle
Appearance ASPxTrackBar.SelectedTickStyle,ASPxTrackBar.EqualTickMarks