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NavBarControl.PaintStyleName Property

Gets or sets the name of the paint style applied to the NavBarControl.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraNavBar

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraNavBar.v19.1.dll


public string PaintStyleName { get; set; }
Public Property PaintStyleName As String

Property Value

Type Default Description


A String value specifying the name of the paint style applied to the NavBarControl.


The XtraNavBar control provides multiple predefined paint styles which enable you to specify the desired look and feel. Use the PaintStyleName property to specify the overall appearance and behavior of the navigation controls. The paint style determines how the groups are arranged, the manner in which the NavBarControl's elements are painted and how they react to mouse events.

If the PaintStyleName property is set to the "Default" value, the control's appearance is determined by the NavBarControl.PaintStyleKind and NavBarControl.LookAndFeel properties.

See the NavBarControl.AvailableNavBarViews topic for a list of supported View names. For more information on paint styles, see Views.


The following code shows how to change a NavBarControl's View via the NavBarControl.PaintStyleName property.

navBarControl1.PaintStyleName = "XP1View";
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