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What's Installed

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The Unified Installer registers DevExpress Controls and Libraries into Visual Studio, and installs a number of utilities, demo applications and IDE add-ons.

Start Here - The Orientation Video

The following video guides you through some of the tools and Visual Studio add-ons that are installed with the DevExpress WinForms Subscription.

DevExpress Controls on Visual Studio Toolbox

The installer automatically registers DevExpress WinForms Controls in the Visual Studio Toolbox. These controls have category names that start with “DX + version number”.


DevExpress Menu in Visual Studio

The DevExpress Visual Studio menu is automatically added by the Unified Installer. Use it to invoke DevExpress wizards, and access Utility projects, tech support resources, and licensing/registration details.


Demo Applications

Demos are available to you using the Windows Start menu shortcut or via the DevExpress menu in Visual Studio.


When starting a new project or adding a new item, use the DevExpress Template Galleries, which are automatically integrated into the corresponding Visual Studio dialog windows.


Project Settings

This page allows you to instantly apply project-wide settings (e.g., specify the default control font or apply a DevExpress skin).

Project Settings Page

Instant Layout Assistant

Starting with an empty form or user control, the Instant Layout Assistant extension will help you create a layout, populate sections with controls, and enable DevExpress technologies such as animated transitions.


DevExpress Icon Library

The DevExpress WinForms Subscription includes an extensive Icon Library, which is available within Visual Studio when you specify property values that require glyphs.


Getting Help on API

You can get help on a specific DevExpress WinForms control/component or any of its properties by pressing the F1 shortcut in the Visual Studio Designer or when writing code.