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Common Features

  • 3 minutes to read

In this section, you will find information on features that are shared by all or some DevExpress Windows Forms controls.

  • Data Binding Common Concepts

    Contains information on binding to various data sources, using unbound mode, running the Data Source Configuration Wizard, applying Data Annotation attributes, etc.

  • Data Source Wizard

    Contains information on the Data Source Wizard pages and the API available for their customization.

  • Expressions

    See topics in this section to learn about expressions used to create unbound columns/fields, build filter criteria at design time and by end-users at runtime, and to create expression-based conditional formatting.

  • Behaviors

    Attach a Behavior to target controls and components in order to template them in a specific manner. For instance, a Clock Behavior turns a LabelControl or a digital gauge into a clock.

  • Filtering UI Context

    Describes the Filtering UI Context component that enables you to automatically build a UI to filter your data. For instance, it can help you emulate a side filtering menu similar to those seen in online stores, used to narrow the search for products.

  • High DPI Support

    Contains information on building DPI-aware applications using DevExpress controls and components. Learn about controls and control properties that make High DPI support easy.

  • Scaffolding Wizard

    The Scaffolding Wizard generates a fully functional MVVM-based application that lets an end-user perform CRUD operations on a given data source (which may contain one or multiple data tables). You can choose between a Tabbed MDI, Hybrid (touch-aware) or Outlook Inspired UI.

  • Formatting Values

    Covers approaches to shape and format data before it is displayed onscreen.

  • HTML Text Formatting

    Certain controls allow you to format their display text using HyperText Markup Language (HTML). This section shows the controls that support HTML text formatting and describes the available HTML formatting tags.

  • Menus

    Many DevExpress Windows Forms controls provide their own context menus. See this section to learn about customizing these menus.

  • Tooltip Management

    Tooltips are supported for almost all DevExpress Windows Forms controls. For compound controls consisting of multiple elements, tooltips can be displayed for each of these elements. This section shows how to specify tooltips for DevExpress and third-party controls, how to manage tooltips in a centralized way, and how to specify tooltips for control elements that do not initially have tooltips.

  • Saving and Restoring Layouts to a File, Stream and System Registry

    DevExpress Windows Forms controls allow their layouts to be saved and then restored. Layouts contain settings that determine how the control’s elements behave, their size, position, etc. Once saved, a layout can be applied to any control of the same type. This allows you and your end-users to customize a control, save its layout and later apply the saved settings to this or other controls.

  • Clipboard - Copy and Paste Operations. Data Formatting

    When copying data from the Data Grid and Tree List controls to the Clipboard, you can enable the formatting settings to be copied along with data. Thus, when pasting this data later to a destination application (e.g., MS Word, Excel, and Outlook), the source formatting is applied.

  • Application Appearance and Skin Colors

    This section describes how to bring your app to the next level of perfection, using rich appearance customization techniques and various application skins.