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NavBarControl.DragDropFlags Property

Gets or sets a set of flags controlling the control's behavior as it relates to link drag and drop operations.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraNavBar

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraNavBar.v19.1.dll


[DefaultValue(NavBarDragDrop.AllowDrag | NavBarDragDrop.AllowDrop)]
public virtual NavBarDragDrop DragDropFlags { get; set; }
<DefaultValue(NavBarDragDrop.AllowDrag Or NavBarDragDrop.AllowDrop)>
Public Overridable Property DragDropFlags As NavBarDragDrop

Property Value

Type Default Description

AllowDrag | AllowDrop

A set of NavBarDragDrop enumeration values specifying a link's drag-and-drop options.


Use the DragDropFlags property to control the NavBarControl's behavior as it relates to link drag and drop operations. It allows you to enable or disable automatic link drag and drop actions and dropping them from other NavBarControl controls.

Each group can override the control's settings concerning links drag and drop. Use the NavBarGroup.DragDropFlags property for this purpose. The desired NavBarGroup object can be obtained via the NavBarControl.Groups property.

Note that the NavBarDragDrop.Default option implies that the NavBarDragDrop.AllowDrag and NavBarDragDrop.AllowDrop options are enabled while other options are disabled. The NavBarControl.GetDragDropFlags method returns the corrected NavBarControl.DragDropFlags property value.


the following sample code uses the NavBarControl.DragDropFlags property to modify the control's drag and drop options. It prohibits dropping items from the same control and allows you to drop items from other NavBarControl.

using DevExpress.XtraNavBar;
// ...
navBarControl1.DragDropFlags &= ~NavBarDragDrop.AllowDrop;
navBarControl1.DragDropFlags |= NavBarDragDrop.AllowOuterDrop;
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