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DevExpress.Utils.Taskbar Namespace

Contains classes implementing the functionality of the TaskbarAssistant.

Assembly: DevExpress.Utils.v19.1.dll


Name Description
JumpListCategory Represents a custom category in a Jump List.
JumpListCategoryCollection Represents the collection of JumpListCategory objects.
JumpListCategoryItemCollection Represents the collection of items in a Jump List category.
JumpListItemSeparator Represents the separator that separates tasks in the TaskbarAssistant.JumpListTasksCategory.
JumpListItemTask Represents a task in a Jump List.
TaskbarAssistant Provides methods to manipulate an application taskbar button, Jump List and thumbnail preview.
ThumbButtonClickEventArgs Provides data for the ThumbnailButton.Click event.
ThumbnailButton A button within the live thumbnail preview window.
ThumbnailButtonCollection Represents the collection of ThumbnailButton objects.


Name Description
IJumpListItem This interface supports the internal infrastructure, and is not intended to be used directly from your code.