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DevExpress.XtraGrid.Views.Layout Namespace

Contains classes implementing Layout View functionality (LayoutView).

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraGrid.v19.1.dll


Name Description
LayoutItemDifferences Summarizes differences for a specific card field (layout item) as compared to the card field’s default settings.
LayoutView Presents records as cards, which can be displayed in one or multiple columns, one or multiple rows, in an ellipse (carousel mode) or a single card at a time. Supports complex card field layouts, built-in groups, tabbed groups and labels.
LayoutViewAppearances Provides appearance settings used to paint the elements in a LayoutView View.
LayoutViewCard Represents a card in a LayoutView View.
LayoutViewCardDifferences Summarizes differences for a card’s layout, as compared to the default card layout.
LayoutViewField Represents a data field within cards in a LayoutView View.
LayoutViewOptionsBehavior Provides behavior options for a LayoutView View.
LayoutViewOptionsCarouselMode Contains display options of a Layout View in the LayoutViewMode.Carousel view mode.
LayoutViewOptionsCustomization Provides options that determine which operations are available for end-users in a Layout View.
LayoutViewOptionsHeaderPanel Contains options controlling the appearance and functionality provided by the Header Panel.
LayoutViewOptionsItemText Contains options that control the display of card fields’ text labels
LayoutViewOptionsMultiRecordMode Contains options that control the layout of cards when a multiple record display mode is enabled.
LayoutViewOptionsPrint Provides print/export options for a LayoutView View.
LayoutViewOptionsSingleRecordMode Contains display options applied in single card display mode.
LayoutViewOptionsView Provides appearance options for a LayoutView View.
OptionsField Provides access to options that control the display of a field’s sort and filter buttons.


Name Description
CardsAlignment Contains values that specify how cards in a LayoutView are aligned.
LayoutCardArrangeRule List the values that specify how cards can be displayed in a LayoutView View: whole cards or partial cards.
LayoutItemDifferenceType Identifies card field settings that can be modified via the LayoutView.CustomCardLayout event.
LayoutViewMode Enumerates card display modes.
LayoutViewPrintMode Contains values that specify how cards are arranged in a print/export output.
SortFilterButtonShowMode Contains values that specify the region where a field’s sort and filter buttons are displayed.