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DevExpress.Snap.Core.API Namespace

Contains the application programming interface classes that allow you to manage the data source options of your DevExpress Snap application.

Assembly: DevExpress.Snap.v19.1.Core.dll


Name Description
AfterInsertSnListColumnsEventArgs Provides data for the SnapDocument.AfterInsertSnListColumns event.
AfterInsertSnListDetailEventArgs Provides data for the SnapDocument.AfterInsertSnListDetail event.
AfterInsertSnListEventArgs Provides data for the SnapDocument.AfterInsertSnList event.
AfterInsertSnListRecordDataEventArgs Provides data for the SnapDocument.AfterInsertSnListRecordData event.
BeforeInsertSnListColumnsEventArgs Provides data for the SnapDocument.BeforeInsertSnListColumns event.
BeforeInsertSnListDetailEventArgs Provides data for the SnapDocument.BeforeInsertSnListDetail event.
BeforeInsertSnListEventArgs Provides data for the SnapDocument.BeforeInsertSnList event.
BeforeInsertSnListRecordDataEventArgs Provides data for the SnapDocument.BeforeInsertSnListRecordData event.
CalculatedField Provides the functionality for calculated fields.
CalculatedFieldCollection A collection of a document’s calculated fields.
DataFieldInfo Provides information about a data field.
DataSourceChangedEventArgs Provides data for the SnapDocument.DataSourceChanged event.
DataSourceInfo Contains information about a document’s data source.
DataSourceInfoCollection A collection of a document’s data sources and calculated fields.
Parameter Provides functionality to a report parameter.
ParameterCollection A collection of a document’s parameters.
PrepareSnListColumnsEventArgs Provides data for the SnapDocument.PrepareSnListColumns event.
PrepareSnListDetailEventArgs Provides data for the SnapDocument.PrepareSnListDetail event.
PrepareSnListEventArgs Provides data for the SnapDocument.PrepareSnList event.
SnapDocumentFormat static A document format to which a Snap document can be saved.
SnapDocumentPosition A position within a Snap document.
SnapDocumentRange A range within a Snap document.
Themes static Lists the available Theme objects by their names.


Name Description
IDataSourceOwner If implemented by a class, contains properties related to a Snap application’s datasource.
ISnapFieldOwner If implemented by a class, contains methods related to managing Snap fields in a document.
SnapBarCode Provides functionality to manipulate bar codes in Snap documents.
SnapChart A chart embedded in a Snap report.
SnapCheckBox Provides functionality to manipulate check boxes in Snap documents.
SnapDocument A central element of a Snap application that constitutes a report document and accounts for the creation and editing of a Snap report.
SnapEntity The base for classes that provide functionality to manipulate various entities in Snap documents.
SnapHyperlink Provides functionality to insert hyperlinks in Snap documents.
SnapImage Provides functionality to manipulate images in Snap documents.
SnapList Provides functionality to manipulate lists in Snap documents.
SnapListFilters Provides functionality to data filtering.
SnapListGroupInfo Maintains the header, footer and separator options of document groups.
SnapListGroups Provides functionality to data grouping.
SnapListSorting Provides functionality to sort lists.
SnapSingleListItemEntity If implemented by a class, provides functionality to items of a Snap list.
SnapSingleListItemEntitySupportsParameters If implemented by a class, provides functionality to items of a Snap list.
SnapSparkline Provides functionality to manipulate sparklines in Snap documents.
SnapSubDocument Provides the essential Snap document functionality.
SnapText Provides functionality to manipulate text in Snap documents.
Theme Maintains the overall look and feel of a report, by specifying the appearance of its elements.
ThemeCollection A collection of Theme objects.


Name Description
SnapListGroupParam Assists in performing tasks related to data sorting in code.


Name Description
AfterInsertSnListColumnsEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapDocument.AfterInsertSnListColumns event.
AfterInsertSnListDetailEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapDocument.AfterInsertSnListDetail event.
AfterInsertSnListEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapDocument.AfterInsertSnList event.
AfterInsertSnListRecordDataEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapDocument.AfterInsertSnListRecordData event.
BeforeInsertSnListColumnsEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapDocument.BeforeInsertSnListColumns event.
BeforeInsertSnListDetailEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapDocument.BeforeInsertSnListDetail event.
BeforeInsertSnListEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapDocument.BeforeInsertSnList event.
BeforeInsertSnListRecordDataEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapDocument.BeforeInsertSnListRecordData event.
DataSourceChangedEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapDocument.DataSourceChanged event.
PrepareSnListColumnsEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapDocument.PrepareSnListColumns event.
PrepareSnListDetailEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapDocument.PrepareSnListDetail event.
PrepareSnListEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapDocument.PrepareSnList event.


Name Description
DataSourceChangeType For internal use.
GroupInterval Lists the available date-time group intervals.