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DevExpress.Snap.Core.Options Namespace

Contains the classes that provide the options of user interface elements in Snap.

Assembly: DevExpress.Snap.v19.1.Core.dll


Name Description
SnapFieldOptions Maintains the options that define the appearance and behavior of Snap fields.
SnxDocumentSaveOptions Settings which define file formats used when saving and loading the document.


Name Description
IDataDispatcherOptions If implemented by a class, provides functionality to bind a Snap document to a data source.
ISnapControlOptions Maintains the visual options of Snap mail merge.
SnapMailMergeExportOptions Maintains the options that determine how a document is rendered when finishing a mail-merge report.
SnapMailMergeVisualOptions Maintains the options that determine how a mail-merge document is displayed in a Snap application.


Name Description
FieldSelectionOnMouseClickMode Lists the values specifying the mode of selecting Snap fields when clicking them using the mouse.
MailMergeNumberingRestart List types of the behavior of numbered lists when the mail merge operation is performed.
RecordSeparator Lists the separators that can be inserted between each pair of master sections in a mail-merge document.