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DevExpress.XtraBars.Docking2010.Views.Widget Namespace

Contains classes implementing the functionality of the WidgetView.

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraBars.v19.1.dll


Name Description
BaseRelativeLengthElement A base class for Widget View elements with relative lengths.
ColumnDefinition A column within a Widget View.
Document A Document within a WidgetView.
DocumentAnimationProperties Exposes properties that affect widget animation effects.
FlowLayoutProperties Provides members that specify the WidgetView behavior in Flow Layout Mode.
FreeLayoutProperties Provides settings for the Widget View’s Free Layout Mode.
Length A structure that specifies the width (or the height) of StackGroups, RowDefinitions and ColumnDefinitions.
RowDefinition A row within a Widget View.
StackGroup A Group within a WidgetView that stores Documents.
StackGroupDefaultProperties An object that stores settings for individual StackGroups.
WidgetView A Widget View.


Name Description
IDocumentDefaultProperties Stores the individual properties of Documents.
IDocumentProperties Stores default Document properties.
IStackGroupDefaultProperties Provides members that specify settings for individual StackGroups.
IStackGroupProperties Provides members that specify settings common to all StackGroups within a WidgetView.
IWidgetViewController Provides methods that allow you to manage Documents within a WidgetView in code.


Name Description
LayoutMode Provides members that label specific WidgetView layout modes.
LengthUnitType Provides members that specify how a StackGroup‘s length should be counted.