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DevExpress.XtraNavBar Namespace

Contains classes that provide information about the XtraNavBar control, its groups, items, links and corresponding collections.

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraNavBar.v19.1.dll


Name Description
Collection Serves as a base for classes maintaining a collection of items.
CollectionItemEventArgs Provides data for the Collection.CollectionItemChanged event.
ComponentCollectionItem Implements the basic functionality of collection items.
NavBarAppearances Provides the appearance settings used to paint the XtraNavBar control.
NavBarCalcGroupClientHeightEventArgs Provides data for the NavBarGroup.CalcGroupClientHeight event.
NavBarCalcHintSizeEventArgs Provides data for the NavBarControl.CalcHintSize event.
NavBarControl Implements a side navigation UI found in MS Office or MS Explorer.
NavBarCustomDrawHintEventArgs Provides data for the NavBarControl.CustomDrawHint event.
NavBarCustomHintEventArgs Serves as the base class for objects which provide data for hint related events.
NavBarGetHintEventArgs Provides data for the NavBarControl.GetHint event.
NavBarGroup A group within a NavBarControl control.
NavBarGroupControlContainer Represents the container displayed within a NavBar group when this group’s NavBarGroup.GroupStyle property is set to NavBarGroupStyle.ControlContainer.
NavBarGroupEventArgs Provides data for the NavBarControl.ActiveGroupChanged event.
NavBarHitInfo Contains information about the control’s section located under a specified point.
NavBarItem An item within the NavBarControl control.
NavBarItemLink A link to a NavBarItem.
NavBarLayoutOptions Provides properties that specify how the control’s layout is saved/restored from storage.
NavBarLinkEventArgs Provides data for events that require a link as a parameter.
NavElement Implements the common functionality of groups and items.
NavGroupCollection Represents a collection of groups within the NavBarControl control.
NavItemCollection Represents a collection of items within the NavBarControl control.
NavLinkCollection Represents a collection of links between a group and items.
NavReadOnlyLinkCollection Represents a read-only collection of links.
OptionsNavPane Contains options that affect the control’s appearance and behavior when the NavigationPane paint style is applied.


Name Description
ICollectionItem Declares members implemented by collection items.


Name Description
CollectionItemEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the Collection.CollectionItemChanged event.
NavBarCalcGroupClientHeightEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the NavBarGroup.CalcGroupClientHeight event.
NavBarCalcHintSizeEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the NavBarControl.CalcHintSize event.
NavBarCustomDrawHintEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the NavBarControl.CustomDrawHint event.
NavBarGetHintEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the NavBarControl.GetHint event.
NavBarGroupEventHandler Represents a method that will handle the NavBarControl.ActiveGroupChanged event.
NavBarLinkEventHandler Represents the method that will handle events which require a link as the parameter.


Name Description
LinkSelectionModeType Defines the set of values used to specify the link selection mode in the NavBarControl.
NavBarDragDrop Contains values specifying drag-and-drop options.
NavBarGroupStyle Contains possible styles for representing a group’s contents.
NavBarHitTest Contains values identifying elements of the NavBarControl control.
NavBarImage Contains possible styles for displaying images within groups’ captions.
NavBarState Contains values representing a user action performed over the NavBarControl control.
NavBarStringId Contains values corresponding to strings that can be localized.
NavBarViewKind Lists values that specify the kind of the NavBarControl’s paint style.
NavPaneState Enumerates possible states for a NavBarControl when the NavigationPane paint style is applied.
SkinExplorerBarViewScrollStyle Lists the values that specify how a NavBarControl is scrolled when a skinning Explorer Bar View paint scheme is applied.