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To help you better use our software, we provide numerous resources describing the best practices for using our controls in real-life applications, as well as different support options to help you solve specific tasks.

Choose an appropriate option from the list below.

Online Resources

  • Online Demos

    Choose a platform and view and/or download all available demos.

  • YouTube Video Channel

    Subscribe to our video channel to receive first-hand information from DevExpress and explore the featured video content.

  • Code Examples

    Discover hundreds of real-world applications that showcase DevExpress products in various settings and provide robust and reusable code.

  • Blogs

    Keep up with industry news and receive the latest information from DevExpress.

  • Webinars

    Join us online and learn more about DevExpress products.

  • Online Training Center

    Sign up for our complete online training courses to get the most out of DevExpress products.

  • DevExpress Search

    Rely on a custom search engine to find information about a specific product or technology among varied sources.

  • Support Center

    For direct and urgent assistance, submit an issue in our Support Center or send an e-mail to

    When reporting a bug, we would greatly appreciate detailed, step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce it, along with a sample project localizing this issue.

Sales Questions

If you have not found required information in DevExpress Licensing FAQ, use the following options to contact our Sales Department with questions related to licensing and any other non-technical issues.


    Write here to ask questions regarding your purchase or any other basic questions about DevExpress products. This service is also available by phone:

    Tel: + 1 (818) 844 3383

    Fax: + 1 (818) 844 3389


    Contact us at this address to ask about product pricing, pending orders, billing inquiries or any other corporate communications. This service is also available by phone:

    Tel: + 1 (818) 844 3383

    Fax: + 1 (818) 844 3389

Contact Us

  • Press Center

    Receive the latest news from DevExpress and contact our Media Relations department.

  • Contact DevExpress

    Find the contact information related to a specific department within DevExpress.