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DevExpress.XtraDiagram Namespace

Contains classes that enable you to create diagrams.

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraDiagram.v19.1.dll


Name Description
CustomDrawBackgroundEventArgs Provides data for the DiagramControl.CustomDrawBackground event.
CustomDrawItemEventArgs Provides data for the DiagramControl.CustomDrawItem event.
CustomHitTestEventArgs Provides data for the DiagramControl.CustomHitTest event.
DiagramAppearanceObject Provides appearance settings applied to a diagram item.
DiagramAppearanceOptions Provides Boolean options that determine which appearance settings should be applied to a diagram item.
DiagramClosedEditorEventArgs Provides data for the DiagramControl.ClosedEditor event.
DiagramConnectionChangedEventArgs Provides data for the DiagramControl.ConnectionChanged event.
DiagramConnectionChangingEventArgs Provides data for the DiagramControl.ConnectionChanging event.
DiagramConnector Connects two diagram items or two points.
DiagramContainer Represents a diagram container item.
DiagramContainerBase The base class for containers.
DiagramControl Provides a canvas where you or your end-users can display, create and edit various diagrams.
DiagramCustomItemDragEventArgs Provides data for the DiagramControl.CustomItemDrag event.
DiagramDataBindingController Allows you to generate diagrams from a data source.
DiagramDataBindingControllerBase Serves as a base for behaviors that are used to bind the Diagram Control to data.
DiagramImage Represents a diagram image item.
DiagramItem The base class for diagram items.
DiagramItemBoundsChangedEventArgs Provides data for the DiagramControl.ItemBoundsChanged event.
DiagramItemCollection A collection of DiagramItem objects.
DiagramItemCreatingEventArgs Provides data for the DiagramControl.ItemCreating event.
DiagramItemDrawingEventArgs Provides data for the DiagramControl.ItemDrawing event.
DiagramItemInitializingEventArgs Provides data for the DiagramControl.ItemInitializing event.
DiagramItemsChangedEventArgs Provides data for the DiagramControl.ItemsChanged event.
DiagramItemsDeletingEventArgs Provides data for the DiagramControl.ItemsDeleting event.
DiagramItemsMovingEventArgs Provides data for the DiagramControl.ItemsMoving event.
DiagramItemsPastingEventArgs Provides data for the DiagramControl.ItemsPasting event.
DiagramItemsResizingEventArgs Provides data for the DiagramControl.ItemsResizing event.
DiagramItemsRotatingEventArgs Provides data for the DiagramControl.ItemsRotating event.
DiagramOrgChartController Allows you to generate relationship diagrams from a hierarchical data source.
DiagramShape Displays a shape on the diagram canvas.
DiagramShowingOpenDialogEventArgs Provides data for the DiagramControl.ShowingOpenDialog event.
DiagramShowingOpenImageDialogEventArgs Provides data for the DiagramControl.ShowingOpenImageDialog event.
DiagramShowingSaveDialogEventArgs Provides data for the DiagramControl.ShowingSaveDialog and DiagramControl.ShowingSaveDialog event.


Name Description
CustomDrawItemMode Lists values that specify which elements of the default painting should be enabled when handling the DiagramControl.CustomDrawItem event.
DiagramDrawingContext Lists values used to indicate whether the item is to be drawn on the canvas, toolbox, in the print or export output or as the drag preview.