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DevExpress.XtraBars.Docking2010.Views Namespace

Contains classes that form the infrastructure of the DocumentManager component.

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraBars.v19.1.dll


Name Description
BaseDocument The base class for documents within a DocumentManager.
BaseView The base class for Views in a DocumentManager.
ControlReleasingEventArgs Provides data for the BaseView.ControlReleasing event.
CustomHeaderButtonEventArgs Provides data for the TabbedView.CustomHeaderButtonClick event.
DeferredControlLoadEventArgs Provides data for Deferred Load events.
DocumentCancelEventArgs Provides data for the BaseView.DocumentClosing event.
DocumentEventArgs Provides base data for all Deferred Load Document events.
QueryControlEventArgs Provides data for the BaseView.QueryControl event.
TabbedViewPageAppearance This object provides appearance settings for Tabbed View documents.


Name Description
IBaseDocumentDefaultProperties Contains a single document’s properties accessible via the BaseDocument.Properties object.
IBaseDocumentProperties Contains properties common to all documents within a DocumentManager.
IBaseViewController An object that implements operations common to all types of documents.


Name Description
ControlReleasingEventHandler A method that will handle the BaseView.ControlReleasing event.
CustomHeaderButtonEventHandler The method that handles the TabbedView.CustomHeaderButtonClick event.
DeferredControlLoadEventHandler A method that will handle events that take a DeferredControlLoadEventArgs object as a parameter.
DocumentCancelEventHandler The method that handles the BaseView.DocumentClosing event.
DocumentEventHandler A method that will handle events that take a DocumentEventArgs object as a parameter.
QueryControlEventHandler The method that will handle the BaseView.QueryControl event.


Name Description
FloatingDocumentContainer Contains values that specify how floating documents are hosted.
RibbonAndBarsMergeStyle Provides members that specify Bar and Ribbon Controls merging within a DocumentManager component.
ViewType Contains values that specify how child MDI windows are represented within a DocumentManager.