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DevExpress.DataAccess.UI.Sql Namespace

Provides an application programming interface (API) to access the graphical user interface (GUI) related to configuring a SQL data source connection.

Assembly: DevExpress.DataAccess.v19.1.UI.dll


Name Description
ConfigureConnectionContext Contains settings used to display the Connection Editor dialog when the SqlDataSourceUIHelper.ConfigureConnection method is called.
EditQueryContext Contains settings used to display the Query Builder dialog when the SqlDataSourceUIHelper.EditQuery or SqlDataSourceUIHelper.ManageQueries method is called.
ManageRelationsContext Contains settings used to display the Master-Detail Relations Editor dialog when the SqlDataSourceUIHelper.ManageRelations method is called.
QueryBuilderEditQueryContext Specifies the Query Builder options when using it in a standalone mode.
QueryBuilderRunner Enables you to integrate the Query Builder into your application.
RebuildResultSchemaContext Contains settings used to update a data source schema when calling the SqlDataSourceUIHelper.RebuildResultSchema method.
SqlDataSourceUIHelper static Provides functionality to configure the connection to a SqlDataSource in code.


Name Description
ISqlEditorsCustomizationService If implemented, enables you to display a custom Query Editor and Data Connections Editor.


Name Description
SqlEditorId Lists the editors that can be customized by implementing the ISqlEditorsCustomizationService interface.