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DevExpress.Snap Namespace

Contains the SnapControl class that provides the main functionality of Snap.

Assemblies: DevExpress.Snap.v19.1.dll, DevExpress.Snap.v19.1.Core.dll


Name Description
AfterDataSourceImportEventArgs Provides data for the SnapControl.AfterDataSourceImport event.
BeforeConversionEventArgs Provides data for the SnapControl.BeforeConversion event.
BeforeDataSourceExportEventArgs Provides data for the SnapControl.BeforeDataSourceExport event.
DataSourceInfoChangedEventArgs Provides data for the SnapControl.DataSourceChanged event.
DataSourceRemovedEventArgs Provides data for the DataSourceInfoCollection.DataSourceRemoved event.
DocumentClosingEventArgs Provides data for the SnapControl.DocumentClosing event.
DocumentDataSources Stores the interim data sources that have been created by an end-user during a document editing session.
DocumentImportedEventArgs Provides data for the SnapControl.DocumentLoaded and SnapControl.EmptyDocumentCreated events.
MailMergeExportFormShowingEventArgs Provides data for the SnapControl.MailMergeExportFormShowing event.
ReportStructureEditorFormShowingEventArgs Provides data for the SnapControl.ReportStructureEditorFormShowing event.
SnapControl The Rich Text Editor-based report designer that allows end-users to create, modify and preview reports using a familiar Microsoft Word-inspired interface. Supports a variety of document formats for importing or exporting, including an original native document format that stores the layout without actual data.
SnapControlCompatibility static Contains static properties which can be set to ensure compatibility with previous versions.
SnapControlOptions Stores settings specific for the SnapControl.
SnapMailMergeFinishedEventArgs Provides data for the SnapControl.SnapMailMergeFinished event.
SnapMailMergeRecordFinishedEventArgs Provides data for the SnapControl.SnapMailMergeRecordFinished event.
SnapMailMergeRecordStartedEventArgs Provides data for the SnapControl.SnapMailMergeRecordStarted event.
SnapMailMergeStartedEventArgs Provides data for the SnapControl.SnapMailMergeStarted event.
TableCellStyleFormShowingEventArgs Provides data for the SnapControl.TableCellStyleFormShowing event.
ValidateSqlEventArgs Provides data for the SnapControl.ValidateCustomSql event.


Name Description
AfterDataSourceImportEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapControl.AfterDataSourceImport event.
BeforeConversionEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapControl.BeforeConversion event.
BeforeDataSourceExportEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapControl.BeforeDataSourceExport event.
DataSourceInfoChangedEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapControl.DataSourceChanged event.
DocumentClosingEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapControl.DocumentClosing event.
DocumentImportedEventHandler A method that will handle the RichEditControl.DocumentLoaded and RichEditControl.EmptyDocumentCreated events of the SnapControl.
MailMergeExportFormShowingEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapControl.MailMergeExportFormShowing event.
ReportStructureEditorFormShowingEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapControl.ReportStructureEditorFormShowing event.
SnapMailMergeFinishedEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapControl.SnapMailMergeFinished event.
SnapMailMergeRecordFinishedEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapControl.SnapMailMergeRecordFinished event.
SnapMailMergeRecordStartedEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapControl.SnapMailMergeRecordStarted event.
SnapMailMergeStartedEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapControl.SnapMailMergeStarted event.
TableCellStyleFormShowingEventHandler A method that will handle the SnapControl.TableCellStyleFormShowing event.


Name Description
DataSourceOwner Lists the possible contractors to which a data source is connected.