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OptionsFocus Properties

Contains options that affect focus movement between controls within the Layout Control and layout groups.
Name Description
ActivateSelectedControlOnGotFocus Gets or sets whether the currently selected child control is activated when the LayoutControl receives focus.
AllowFocusControlOnActivatedTabPage Gets or sets whether the first control within a tab page is focused when the tab page is activated.
AllowFocusControlOnLabelClick Gets or sets whether a layout item’s control is focused when its label is clicked.
AllowFocusGroups Gets or sets whether the expand buttons of regular groups can be focused when the TAB key is pressed.
AllowFocusReadonlyEditors Gets or sets whether read-only editors are focused when focus is moved between controls using the TAB key.
AllowFocusTabbedGroups Gets or sets whether the headers of tabbed groups can be focused.
EnableAutoTabOrder Gets or sets whether the Automatic Tab Order feature is enabled.
MoveFocusDirection Gets or sets the direction in which focus moves in Automatic Tab Order mode when the TAB key is pressed.
MoveFocusRightToLeft Gets or sets whether focus moves from right to left.
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