DiagramItem.CollapseButtonOffset Property

Gets or sets the collapse button's offset.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraDiagram

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraDiagram.v20.1.dll


[DefaultValue(typeof(PointFloat), "0,15")]
public virtual PointFloat CollapseButtonOffset { get; set; }
<DefaultValue(GetType(PointFloat), "0,15")>
Public Overridable Property CollapseButtonOffset As PointFloat

Property Value

Type Default Description


A PointFloat object that is the collapse button's offset.


The DiagramItem.CollapseButtonPosition property is set in relative coordinates within the shape border. 0,0 corresponds to the top-left corner of the shape border, 1,1 corresponds to the bottom-right corner. The CollapseButtonOffset property specifies the offset in absolute coordinates.

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