ToolbarFormManager Class

A BarManager that owns bar items displayed inside a ToolbarFormControl.

Namespace: DevExpress.XtraBars.ToolbarForm

Assembly: DevExpress.XtraBars.v21.1.dll


public class ToolbarFormManager :


When you convert any form to a ToolbarForm at design-time, both satellite controls (ToolbarFormManager and ToolbarFormControl) are created automatically.

If you need to create a Toolbar Form in code, create these two additional components as well.

ToolbarForm myForm = new ToolbarForm();
ToolbarFormManager tfcManager = new ToolbarFormManager() { Form = myForm };
ToolbarFormControl tfcHeader = new ToolbarFormControl() { ToolbarForm = myForm, Manager = tfcManager};
myForm.ToolbarFormControl = tfcHeader;

Bar items owned by a ToolbarFormManager should be placed to the ToolbarFormControl.TitleItemLinks collection. Items’ alignment settings (the BarItem.Alignment property) specify whether these items are aligned to the ToolbarFormControl‘s left or right side.

 //create four buttons
 BarButtonItem item1 = new BarButtonItem(tfcManager, "Button 1");
 BarButtonItem item2 = new BarButtonItem(tfcManager, "Button 2");
 BarButtonItem item3 = new BarButtonItem(tfcManager, "Button 3");
 BarButtonItem item4 = new BarButtonItem(tfcManager, "Button 4");
 //buttons 3 and 4 will be docked to the ToolbarFormControl's right edge
 item3.Alignment = item4.Alignment = BarItemLinkAlignment.Right;

 //Out of two items added to the TitleItemLinks collection, the item that was added first
 //will be closer to the form edge. For that reason, you need to populate the right area
 //backwards, i.e. start with rightmost item 
 tfcHeader.TitleItemLinks.AddRange(new BarItem[] { item1, item2, item4, item3});


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