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How to: Display Set of Boolean Options in CheckedComboBoxEdit Control

The code below populates the RepositoryItemCheckedComboBoxEdit.Items collection with five items, each item stores a string value.

The CheckedComboBoxEdit.SetEditValue method is called to select “Circle” and “Ellipse” items. The “Circle” item is then disabled so that users cannot de-select it.


Note that the code modifies the RepositoryItemCheckedComboBoxEdit.SeparatorChar property to change the edit value separator char from the default comma (“,”) to a semicolon (“;”). The same separator char must be used in the SetEditValue method parameter.

// Add check items to the control's dropdown.
string[] itemValues = new string[] { 
    "Circle", "Rectangle", "Ellipse", 
    "Triangle", "Square" };
foreach (string value in itemValues)
    checkedComboBoxEdit1.Properties.Items.Add(value, CheckState.Unchecked, true);
// Specify the separator character.
checkedComboBoxEdit1.Properties.SeparatorChar = ';';
// Set the edit value.
checkedComboBoxEdit1.SetEditValue("Circle; Ellipse");
// Disable the Circle item.
checkedComboBoxEdit1.Properties.Items["Circle"].Enabled = false;