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How to: Supply Custom Error Icon for Editor

The following example shows how to supply a custom error icon via the DXErrorProvider.GetErrorIcon event. In this event, a custom icon (DXErrorProvider_CustomIcon) is provided when the error type is set to ErrorType.User1.

The result is illustrated below:


using DevExpress.XtraEditors.DXErrorProvider;

DXErrorProvider.GetErrorIcon += new GetErrorIconEventHandler(DXErrorProvider_GetErrorIcon);

// Associate an error of the User1 error type with a buttonEdit1 control.
dxErrorProvider1.SetError(buttonEdit1, "Error", ErrorType.User1);


Image icon = Image.FromFile(@"C:\arrow.png");
// Provide an error icon for the User1 error type.
void DXErrorProvider_GetErrorIcon(GetErrorIconEventArgs e) {
    if (e.ErrorType == ErrorType.User1) {
        e.ErrorIcon = icon;