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Components Included in Rich Text Editor

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The RichEditControl control implements the main Rich Edit functionality and is available on the DX.22.1: Rich Text Editor toolbox tab in Visual Studio IDE.


RichEditControl is the “plain” rich editor, without a toolbar or extra panels. In the MS Visual Studio Designer, it looks as shown below.


You can create Ribbon or bar UI for XtraRichEdit, as described in the How to: Create the RichEditControl with a Ribbon UI and How to: Create the RichEditControl with a Bar UI articles.

The functionality of the RichEditControl is programmatically accessible using the native API. The Document interface exposed via the RichEditControl.Document property is the main way for a programmer to use API methods and properties. The native API is located in the DevExpress.XtraRichEdit.API.Native namespace.

The RichEditControl displays a document using a set of Views. When a document is loaded, the Document Model is constructed, and is transformed into the Document Layout. The current RichEditControl.ActiveView renders and displays the layout. Therefore, a document exists only in its native RichEdit representation. To get a document or a part of a document in any other format, a corresponding exporter is utilized.

For more information on the document structure and on the interaction between a model and a layout, refer to the RichEditControl Document section.

For an overview of RichEditControl events, review the Events article.