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Member Table: In-place editors

Member Description
TreeListColumn.ColumnEdit Allows you to assign an in-place editor to a column.
TreeList.CustomNodeCellEdit Allows you to assign an in-place editor to individual cells.
TreeList.CustomNodeCellEditForEditing Allows you to assign a custom editor to a column for in-place editing, and override the default column editor, which is by default used in both display and edit modes.
TreeList.ActiveEditor Gets the currently active cell editor.
TreeList.State Gets the control’s current state.
TreeList.ShowEditor Opens the in-place editor for the focused cell.
TreeList.HideEditor Closes the active in-place editor, discarding any changes.
TreeList.CloseEditor Hides the active editor, saving changes that were made.
TreeList.PostEditor Saves changes that were made without closing the editor.