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Member Table: Unbound Mode

Member Description
TreeList.Nodes Provides access to the collection of root nodes.
TreeListNode.Nodes Provides access to the collection of a node’s children.
TreeList.AppendNode Adds a new node at the root level or to another node.
TreeList.DeleteNode Removes the specified node.
TreeList.BeginUnboundLoad Prevents updates to the Tree List when loading nodes in unbound mode.
TreeList.EndUnboundLoad Unlocks the Tree List and updates it, after applying all the changes made to it.
TreeList.ExportToXml Exports the Tree List’s data to a file/stream in XML format.
TreeList.ImportFromXml Imports data stored in XML format to the Tree List from the specified file/stream.
TreeListColumn.UnboundDataType Allows you to make the column unbound, and specify the type of data it stores.
TreeListColumn.UnboundExpression Gets or sets an expression used to evaluate values for the current unbound column.
TreeList.CustomUnboundColumnData Allows you to provide data to unbound columns, and save their modified records to an external source.