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Member Table: Sorting

Member Description
The TreeListColumn.SortOrder property. Specifies the column’s sort order.
The TreeListColumn.SortIndex property. Specifies the index of the column in the sort column list.
The TreeList.Sort and TreeListNode.Sort methods. Sort a node’s children.
The TreeList.SortedColumnCount property. Gets the number of columns involved in sorting.
The TreeList.GetSortColumn method. Gets the column involved in sorting by its index within the sort column list.
The TreeList.ClearSorting method. Clears all sorting.
The TreeListOptionsColumn.AllowSort property. Specifies whether end-users can sort data against this column.
The TreeList.StartSorting event. Fires before a sorting operation is started.
The TreeList.EndSorting event. Fires after a sorting operation has finished.
The TreeList.BeginSort and TreeList.EndSort methods. Allow you to perform multiple operations in code affecting data sorting, with only one update.
The TreeList.CustomColumnSort event. Enables you to perform custom sorting.
The TreeListOptionsMenu.EnableColumnMenu property. Specifies whether end-users can invoke the column header context menu, which can be used to sort data.