In-place Editor Repository Page

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The In-place Editor Repository page allows you to manage the vertical grid’s internal repository (i.e. customize the collection of in-place editors), by providing access to the control’s EditorContainer.RepositoryItems collection. For detailed information on using repositories, see the Repository Concept document.

The In-place Editor Repository page is shown in the image below.


The repository items collection can be managed using the buttons located at the top of the page. These buttons are described below:

  • Add - Creates a new repository item of a particular type and appends it to the repository. The type of the repository item is displayed in the button.

    Down Arrow button - Invokes the dropdown (see the image below) which contains a list of the available repository item types. Once the desired item has been selected, it’s added to the repository and its type is displayed on the Add button.


  • Remove - Removes the selected repository item from the repository. The editor can be removed from the collection if it isn’t assigned to a row.
  • Remove Unused - Removes all the editors that are not assigned to rows.

Once a repository item has been added to the repository, its name and type are displayed within the repository items list (see the top image). The selected item’s settings can be changed using the property grid.

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