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Rotation (3D Charts)

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End-users are able to rotate a chart’s diagram, where it plots one of the 3D Chart Types. This feature is useful if a chart displays multiple series or data points, and it’s required to change the current rotation angles to view chart data in detail.

Note that rotation is available for 3D charts created with the ChartControl only (this feature isn’t supported for 2D charts, or WebChartControl). To enable this feature, you need to set the Diagram3D.RuntimeRotation property to true.

Rotating a Chart

To rotate a 3D chart’s diagram, an end-user must do one of the following:



Hold down the left mouse button on the diagram and drag the mouse pointer.

If rotation is enabled, and an end-user hovers over a 3D chart’s area with the mouse pointer, and the mouse pointer appears as a “drag hand” (Rotation_Rotation01.png). After an end-user holds down the left mouse button, the mouse pointer is changed to Rotation_Rotation02.png. Then, move the mouse pointer holding the left mouse button, and a chart’s diagram is rotated in the same direction as the mouse pointer is moved.

Use rotation gestures on a touchscreen device.

Touch a 3D chart’s area with two fingers and move them in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.


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