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Hit Information

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The Chart control can process hit information to identify a chart element at the specified screen coordinates. This allows you to provide custom actions when an user clicks or hovers the mouse pointer over a specific element. You can handle a control’s mouse events to obtain the mouse pointer’s coordinates, for example, ChartControl.MouseMove or ChartControl.Click. To obtain hit information about the test point with these coordinates, use the ChartControl.CalcHitInfo method.


Run Demo: Hit Testing

The document consists of the following sections:


Enable the ChartControl.RuntimeHitTesting property to allow a chart to collect and process hit information.

Design time

Expand the Chart Control’s Behavior properties’ group in the Properties window. Then, select True in the RuntimeHitTesting property’s drop-down list.



Enable RuntimeHitTesting at runtime on during a chart’s initialization, for example, in the Form’s constructor after the components’ initialization or in the Form’s Load event handler.

private void Form_Load(object sender, EventArgs e) {
    chartControl.RuntimeHitTesting = true;


When RuntimeHitTesting is enabled, the Chart Control uses more memory resources and its performance can decrease. Refer to Performance for more information.

The Chart control collects information about the hit-tested points regardless of whether RuntimeHitTesting is enabled when you handle the ChartControl.ObjectHotTracked or ChartControl.ObjectSelected events, or Selection is enabled (see the ChartControl.SelectionMode property).

To hit-test series points, ensure that a series view’s markers are visible. To make them visible, specify the series view’s MarkerVisibility property to true. For example, set the LineSeriesView.MarkerVisibility property to true to show a line series view‘s markers.

You can receive hit information about a series point even if MarkerVisibility is disabled for the series. To do this, hit-test crosshair markers displayed when you hover the Crosshair Cursor over a series point. (Note that the following image shows the Crosshair Cursor with a custom tooltip while the default label is hidden.)


Use the ChartControl.CalcHitInfo method to obtain information about a point in a chart. The method returns a ChartHitInfo object that uses the following properties to store the hit information:

How to: Determine a Chart Element in a Test Point

The following example shows how to obtain information about the chart element under the mouse pointer and use the ToolTipController Component to display this information.

ToolTipController toolTipController = new ToolTipController();
private void chartControl_MouseMove(object sender, MouseEventArgs e) {
    ChartHitInfo hitInfo = chartControl.CalcHitInfo(e.Location);
    StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder();
        builder.AppendLine("In diagram");
        builder.AppendLine("In non-default pane: " + hitInfo.NonDefaultPane.Name);
    if(hitInfo.InAxis) {
        builder.AppendLine("In axis: " + hitInfo.Axis.Name);
        if(hitInfo.AxisLabelItem != null)
            builder.AppendLine("  Label item: " + hitInfo.AxisLabelItem.Text);
        if(hitInfo.AxisTitle != null)
            builder.AppendLine("  Axis title: " + hitInfo.AxisTitle.Text);
        builder.AppendLine("In chart title: " + hitInfo.ChartTitle.Text);
    if(hitInfo.InLegend) {
        builder.AppendLine("In legend");
        if(hitInfo.Series != null && !hitInfo.InSeries)
            builder.AppendLine("  Series: " + ((Series)hitInfo.Series).Name);
        builder.AppendLine("In series: " + ((Series)hitInfo.Series).Name);
    if(hitInfo.InSeriesLabel) {
        builder.AppendLine("In series label");
        builder.AppendLine("  Series: " + ((Series)hitInfo.Series).Name);
    if(hitInfo.InSeriesPoint) {
        builder.AppendLine("  Argument: " + hitInfo.SeriesPoint.Argument);
            builder.AppendLine("  Value: " + hitInfo.SeriesPoint.Values[0]);
        if(hitInfo.Annotation is TextAnnotation)
            builder.AppendLine("In annotation: " + ((TextAnnotation)hitInfo.Annotation).Name);
        else if(hitInfo.Annotation is ImageAnnotation)
            builder.AppendLine("In annotation: " + ((ImageAnnotation)hitInfo.Annotation).Name);
    if(builder.Length > 0)
        toolTipController.ShowHint("Hit-testing results:\n" + builder.ToString(), chartControl.PointToScreen(e.Location));
void chart_MouseLeave(object sender, EventArgs e) {
Member Description
ChartHitInfo Contains information about a specific point in a chart.
ChartControl.CalcHitInfo Returns information about the chart elements at the specified x and y coordinates.
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