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Visual Elements

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The RibbonControl consists of multiple visual elements - groups, pages, categories, backstage view, and so on. This section describes all of these visual elements.

Ribbon Features - Pages

Ribbon Pages (Tabs)

Tabs are displayed at the top of the ribbon. Tabs allow users to switch between multiple pages that contain commands. There are regular and contextual pages. Regular pages are always visible to users. Contextual Pages are only visible under certain circumstances. For example, the Selection page, which allows a user to format text, is only displayed when the user selects a block of text.

Ribbon Features - Page Groups

Page Groups

Commands on a page are organized in groups, which allow you to combine commands related to specific functionality. For example, the File group contains commands that allow a user to create, open, and save a file.

Ribbon Features - Context Categories


You can organize pages in categories. As in pages, there are two types of categories: regular and contextual.

Ribbon Features - QAT

Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)

The Quick Access Toolbar allows users to invoke frequently used commands with one click. If the ribbon is integrated in a RibbonForm, the Quick Access Toolbar is displayed in the form’s caption (title) bar.

Ribbon Features - Caption Bar Item

Caption Bar Items

In addition to the Quick Access Toolbar, you can display commands in a RibbonForm‘s caption (title) bar next to the close button.

Ribbon Features - Page Header Items

Page Header Items

You can also display commands in the same area with tabs - next to them or on the opposite side of the ribbon.

Ribbon Features - Search Menu

Search Menu

The ribbon can display a search box that allows a user to find a command by its caption or custom keyword. You can also exclude or add commands to the search results.

Ribbon Features - App Button

Application Button

A button that invokes the application’s main menu. The main menu typically contains commands such as New, Open, Print, and Exit.

Ribbon Features - Backstage

Backstage View Control

The main menu that is similar to menus in Microsoft Office 2010 and newer.

RibbonUI - Recent Item Control

Recent Item Control

A control that displays a list of items in the Backstage View Control.

Ribbon Form

You can integrate the RibbonControl in the RibbonForm, which can display the Quick Access Toolbar (QAT) and Caption Bar Items in the form’s title bar. You can also display a Status Bar at the bottom of a form. All these components of the Ribbon UI are illustrated in the image below.

Ribbon Form Visual Elements

See the following topic for more information: Ribbon Form.

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