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Creating Layout Items

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This document describes how layout items can be created at design and runtime.

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Creating Items at Design Time

When you drop a control onto the Layout Control, a layout item is automatically created (animation). Since the layout item has been created, use its settings to specify where the control is displayed, how big it is and how it responds to its container being resized.

Some layout items display automatically aligned text labels near their controls. You can change the location of a text label relative to a control, change its text and visibility, etc. For detailed information on how to deal with these labels, see Item Label.

Creating Items at Runtime

To create and add layout items in code use one of the following options:


To allow a Layout Control’s layout to be customized and serialized you need to ensure that Name properties of the layout items and controls within the layout items are set to unique values. You must set the Name properties to unique values for layout items and controls that are created at runtime. The control’s Name property must be initialized before this control is assigned to the LayoutControlItem.Control property.

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